Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How long does brewed coffee last? This is what Yahoo Answers said:

The following was taken from Yahoo Answers:

I've had some coffee i brewed that's been in my fridge for probably a week now, I haven't had any but want to know if it is still safe to drink since it's been in the fridge.


Coffee grows a layer of scum when it goes bad. If it's scum-free, it should be ok.
But the truth is that the flavor of coffee starts to degrade the minute it's brewed. So the longer you keep it in the fridge, the less good it will taste.

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Next Level Coffee's Answer:

I would like to focus on one part of the initial question. "But want to know if it is safe to drink", states the curious mind. I would like to ask another question. "How long will my coffee remain delicious after I brew it?". This person enjoys the iced coffee variety and on a hot summer day I couldn't agree more. I would not keep iced coffee for more than a day because like any other culinary process, refrigeration does not enhance the taste, only diminishes. As for hot coffee, I would recommend that you consume it all within an hour. Many will argue that as long as coffee is hot it is good to go. If I opened a beer, consumed half of it, then placed it in the fridge to enjoy the next day, do you really think it is going to taste as good as when I first opened it? I know I'm leaving this open for a little bit of debate but the best things in life are fresh. It could be a fresh food, fresh coffee, or fresh bed sheets, it doesn't really matter. Does anyone really want a 1985 Toyota Tercel? No, they want a 2010 Toyota 4Runner (assuming that pedal acceleration recall thing is done). There is a huge financial deficit between a Tercel and a 4Runner, but coffee is cheap. Pour that leftover coffee down the drain and make a fresh pot when you are craving the goodness. Choose to not consume coffee that has been sitting on a hot plate for six hours. It will really make a difference in quality.

Oh and don't believe anything you read on Yahoo Answers (at least about coffee). Also look for things like this when you visit local establishments.

Look how gross that coffee pot is! MMMMM MMMMMM


  1. (assuming that pedal acceleration recall thing is done) haha

  2. The Tercel gets better gas mileage, I'll go for the Tercel.

    As for coffee, it takes like sh-t cold or hot, fresh or old. The entire point is the caffeine drug-effect. Can I still get 'high' on an old pot of coffee? That is the only question worth asking.

  3. Ha. Life is too short to drink anything that taste bad on purpose. There are easier ways to get caffein. If you're going to drink coffee why not drink coffee that taste good? If you think it taste bad hot/cold/fresh/old then you need to stop buying your coffee the same place you buy gas for your beater.